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Hästens hand-crafted beds

Every attention to detail has been carefully applied to the guest experience at The Villa. Notably, most of our large guest rooms feature the world-renowned, hand-crafted Hästens beds.

The Hästens 2000T is handcrafted in Kjoping, Sweden. The long-term employees of Hästens work together for over 40 hours to construct the 2000T which is performance engineered to give you an incredible sleep. The 29 layers, of the finest natural materials, are meticulously layered to create a soft, pliable, and effortless support. The result is a relaxed and restorative sleep experience.

Each material is selected for the utmost in comfort and durability. New Zealand lamb's wool blended with premium long strand cotton is layered over hand connected horse tail fibers. The horse tail is processed to remove all allergens and provide a comfortable and durable sleep experience. The horse tail is carefully selected and then boiled, dried, and baked for nearly 1 year. The result is plush comfort with support.

The Blue and White Check has been the signature brand messaging of Hästens since 1976. The fabric is stunning, durable, and breathable.

Every detail is attended to during the manufacturing process. From the layering and quilting of the Top of the Line BJX Luxury Top Mattress to the layers of flax in the box spring to prevent squeaks and static electricity build up in the box springs.

Enjoy the best sleep on a very exclusive mattress.

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